An online store or offline vendor: what to choose when ordering copper pipes

An online store or offline vendor: what to choose when ordering copper pipes

The contradiction between online and offline stores now is stronger than ever. As an AC installer that is still looking for a copper pipe vendor in the UAE, you may feel little taken aback whether to buy it online or in an offline store.

So, let’s go deep into the question to consider all the facets and find the right answer.

Quality matters

On the one hand, both online and offline stores are likely to provide an air conditioner pipe of high quality. The most solid argument here is that they may have the same suppliers and, thus, have no distinction in their products.

On the other hand, you may argue you can personally examine a copper tube when you visit an offline store but in an online marketplace, you lack this opportunity. Well, this is not the ultimate truth. For example, at Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company, you can still test the sample to ensure its quality.

Time determines

First, let’s consider the delivery time. With intense competition on the market, both off and on stores tend to shorten it to win their customer. So, terms little differ here. Besides, you can always pick up your air conditioner pipe from the supplier warehouse on your own.

Second, the time it takes to place an order. For example, you need to buy an AC copper pipe, size ¼. If you decide to do it on spot, you need to waste your time to get to the spot. Sometimes, you can place an order by call, but this way is time-consuming as well. Besides, you need to wait for an opening hour to place an order. In contrast, with e-commerce, you can, first, place an order in no time – just add the item to the cart and pay it in a wink. Second, you can do in at any time as an e-commerce store is available round-the-clock.

Costs decide

When it comes to this last facet, the difference raises to the surface. Typically, online stores can offer the copper pipe for sale at much lower prices. And they do it pursuing a win-win low-cost strategy.

So, providing there is no difference in quality and delivery time, lower prices and great flexibility in placing an order tilt the scales towards the online store.



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