How to increase muscle mass with personal trainer

Increasing muscle mass has always been one of the most requested services to the Personal Trainer.

Yet the web contains such a huge amount of information and pre-set training cards that anyone could get a culture on the subject without turning to the Personal Trainer.

In addition, in most gyms, there is the figure of the weight room instructor who has the skills to prepare a training card for mass buy Deca Durabolin by Alpha Pharma in USA.

Despite this, people, often dissatisfied with the results obtained, turn to the Personal Trainer after months or years spent following programs or methods that have not given the desired results.

Why do we need a Personal Trainer to increase muscle mass?

The problem with common training programs for gaining muscle mass lies in the lack of specificity!

The training cards present on the web, not being able to be prepared on the basis of an initial assessment of the person, are characterized by preset schemes that do not take into account the personal characteristics of each.

Therefore a card taken from the internet may be too bland for the expert or too heavy for the beginner, with the risk for the latter of running into joint injuries or muscle/tendon injuries.

On the other hand, in gyms, where the instructor follows several people at the same time, the training schedule, although more personalized than that downloaded from the internet, will still be approximate because it is not based on a complete initial assessment, intended as a set of exams and specific tests designed to outline a clear profile of the person to be trained.

The lack of specificity in setting training programs for muscle hypertrophy inevitably leads to a lack of results!

Therefore, it is not enough to follow generic rules on training and nutrition to achieve results because putting muscle mass is a complex process for the human body.

To ensure that it happens as quickly as possible, you need to plan your training and nutrition program meticulously, considering all those genetic and environmental factors that can positively or negatively affect muscle hypertrophy.

Training, nutrition, sleep quality, hormonal profile, body composition are just some of the factors that can determine the success or failure of a muscle hypertrophy program.

That’s why the Personal Trainer is the best solution for those who want to achieve this.

Creating the conditions to increase muscle mass for its customers, both the most predisposed and the least, therefore requires advanced skills, precision, and attention to detail by the coach.

Muscle growth: my way of working

My working method, characterized by the search for maximum specificity in the preparation of training and nutrition, involves:

Initial assessment of muscle mass

To set up an extremely specific program, you must first outline your initial profile, examining parameters such as:

  • lean mass
  • fat mass
  • hormonal profile
  • basal metabolic rate

The result of these parameters represents the «displacement» of your engine, on which I base myself to set the volume and intensity of the workouts.

For the initial evaluation, I use the Akern bia 101 bioimpedance meter, the best tool on the market for evaluating body composition.

I have decided to invest heavily in economic and training terms on this instrument precisely to make up for the lack of precision of the other evaluation instruments that are used in my sector, such as the picometer and the impedance meter scale.

Planning the training program

Based on the data acquired during the exam, I will set up the training program by inserting the strength training methodologies and techniques that I consider most effective in relation to your profile.

The program will consist of Personal Training sessions and workouts to be done on your own by following my training sheets.

Diet for muscle mass

My nutritionist collaborator will set the diet by optimizing the protein quota to promote muscle growth and balancing fats and carbohydrates to allow your body to increase lean mass without gaining weight.

Where necessary, natural food supplements will be included in the diet to increase muscle mass such as protein powders and branched amino acids, in order to speed up muscle growth processes.

Sessions with Personal Trainer

The Personal Training sessions will be of progressive intensity and will aim to teach you the techniques of the exercises to increase muscle mass and strength ( squats, deadlifts, stretches with barbells and dumbbells) as well as the rules of the essential training methodology to achieve this goal.

They will take place mainly in the gym. For this type of service, in fact, I do not recommend the formula at home because the use of overloads is essential to increase muscle mass.

Unless you have a home gym, it is preferable that you come to the gyms that have an agreement with my business.

Analysis of the results

Every three or four weeks I will repeat the initial exam to adapt your training and nutrition to your improvements.


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